Cloud-based Smart Metering solution using Azure PaaS

Smart Metering

Meter Data Management in the Cloud/ Transforming Utilities to Smart Utilities with Smart Meters in the Cloud.


Our solution

Real-time Energy Usage Pattern Analysis.
Automated data collection: The ability to automatically collect data from multiple sensors and equipment and ensures that data is accurate and consistent.
Automated fault detection: Failure diagnosis and fault detection in Energy meters.
Dashboards: Finding a pattern and predicting meter failure and categories into failure types. Realtime view of customer usage patterns & Be able to identify possible efficiency of usage and take corrective action
Remote monitoring: The ability to remotely monitor equipment health and performance. This can reduce the need for on-site maintenance personnel and improve the efficiency of maintenance operations.
Advanced analytics: The ability to apply advanced analytics techniques, such as machine learning, to the vibration data can provide deeper insights into equipment performance and health.

Results Cloud-based Smart Energy Metering solution

The IoT enabled MDMS solution to Energy utilities and consumers as a cloud-based service on Microsoft Azure Platform With Microsoft Azure there is access to highly-available, scalable and durable cloud storage, backup and recovery capabilities.

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