Power BI Consulting Services

Transform your hidden business data into rich visuals and interactive dashboards.
Transform effort intensive, manual analysis to automated business intelligence for faster, better decision making using custom data and BI platform

Infysion Digital Transformation Partner
Power Bi Development
Redefining Transformation through Technology, Creativity, and Data such as product engineering, Cloud Development, IoT Consulting, Strategy and Digital Services, etc.
Cloud is the foundation of most digital strategies and a huge enabler of increased innovation, speed and flexibility. We bridge the gap between a business problems and tangible results. Infysion Cloud Strategy services deliver significant business advantages. We can build customer-focused solutions by leveraging the scalability, efficiency and security of the cloud for you.
Providing power bi consulting services

Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services.

BI Strategy and Roadmap
power bi consultants, Successfully adopt Power BI with well-defined roadmap, strategy, and BI experts.
Data Mining & Warehousing
Build a scalable data warehouse to rapidly generate insights in real-time.
Data Analytics & Reporting
Boost advanced analytics initiatives by integrating superior technologies and Data Analytics Consulting services.
Power BI Dashboard
Develop engaging and informative Power BI dashboards that inspires action.
Advance Analytics and BI
Enable intelligent decision making by providing the information in the right hands at the right time..
Modern Data Platform
Connect your data assets, create 360 views, unify disparate data sources, and improve agility to deliver business value at the minimal cost.

Power BI Accelerated Development Program

Power BI Planning
  • Identify the Need for BI
  • Data Analysis
  • BI Plan & Strategy
  • Data Warehouse
Power BI Designing and Visualization
  • Creative Visualization charts
  • Dashboard Design
  • Charting Library
  • User Specific Designs
Power BI Development and Implementation
  • Microsoft BI
  • Analytical Reports
  • ETL / ELT
Power BI Integration Services
  • Power Apps.
  • MS Powers Automate.
  • Dynamics 365.
  • Excel Spreadsheets.
Power BI Quality Analysis and Support
  • ETL QA / Verification.
  • BI Reports Testing.
  • Load & Performance Testing.
  • Data Uniformity Test.
Power BI Consulting
  • Power BI feasibility assessment.
  • Power BI implementation strategy.
  • Power BI integration.
  • Power BI feasibility check.

Get ready for advanced BI reporting

Power BI Consulting
We assist you through the entire data transformation journey of your business.
Power BI Dashboard
You can customize dashboards and fetch interactive reports developed by our BI experts to make quick business decisions.
Power BI embedded
Power BI embedded services allow you to integrate Power BI reports with your existing systems like CRM, ERP, etc.
Advance analytics
Our data science team can help you leverage advanced analytics with Power BI with integrated R and Python scripts..
With our Power BI integration services, you can provide your decision makers with the latest insights at their fingertips..
Reliability of data for analytics
Enhancing the organizational needs to help your team understand the seamless capabilities of data analytics.
How we works
Ease your cloud Development through
effective collaboration and real-time business results.
Approach Our
01. Assessment
Assess what is your current as-is state of cloud adoption. Understand business scenario & your readiness to build Cloud solutions
02. Concepts and R&D Initatives
Gap Analysis to form business cases, Solution designing & creating roadmap to build the solution while realizing the short and long-term objectives.
03. Develop and Test
Assess your product’s potential performance with MVPs that help you get valuable feedback and pave the way to improved products.
04. Execute & Accelerate
Providing support to completely adopt the solution including onboarding of new devices and address any maintenance issues.

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