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In this digital age, utilities are facing challenges with aging assets in the field for water distribution, the customer expectation in terms of Actions, Analytics along with alert & notification around the globe. Forward thinking leader are innovating the way Water utilities use to operate with transition from AMR to AMI to AMA the innovation has reached to a different stage across these multiple transitions. Today innovation has become a core enabler and not just collecting the meter reading and generating billing.

Our Solution

Digital Internet of Things is changing the more than ever, water utilities are innovating Efficiency, flexibility, reliability and accuracy for digital transformation to achieve overall cost saving and longevity of a system.

Infysion help water utilities evaluate smart water metering solution, IoT enabled devices, data collections, condition monitoring, for Consumer in water conversations through the smart Solutions based on cloud, IoT, Analytics, Mobile technologies.

We worked with the customer to provide an analytics-focused environment for meter data located solely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This data was added through Azure IoT Hub, and ended up in Azure SQL Database.

Dashboards were created to help the client make sense of the large volumes of data coming from water meter readings and sensors, and these were presented in a web portal using Power BI Embedded


With the early warnings of over-consumption and reliable fault detection, millions of gallons of water was saved from wastage. It helped client to gain confidence of their end customers

Benefit of Innovation in Water Utilities:

  • Remote Assets management, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Help customer Water Conservation by reducing water loss.
  • Increased Accuracy in Data collections, Alerts
  • Field force enabled to handle maintenance remotely
  • Manging Legacy Water system issues with Smart technologies