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Overview Smart spaces

Smart spaces encompass of people, processes, services and things strongly integrated with technologies like, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) to co-exist in a flexible workplace across the globe..


Our solution

Real-time Occupancy and Building Utilisation.
Advanced Real-time Reporting :- Real-time reporting resulting in meeting contractual obligations
Efficiency :- Able to drill down into the power consumption across multiple sites, much quicker.
Dashboards: dashboards and reports that provide real-time insights into equipment health and performance. Cloud-based architecture - A cloud-based architecture provides the flexibility to scale up or down as required.
secure method of integrating and managing data across their various systems, including lighting,.
A single real-time UI that enables building users to:​ Tell the occupancy levels of floors, book desks., find free meeting rooms, and get meeting room information for bookings.

Results of smart spaces implementation

An occupancy and utilization project delivered at the head-offices of a global company to give building occupants insights into building statistics and give building managers key information to manage their space more effectively.

Build connected applications for your business

Smart Meters
Enhance customer experience with dynamic pricing based on real-time demand, all the while optimizing energy consumption with better forecasts through IoT-enabled smart meters..
Smart Waste Management
Transform waste management into a data-driven, cost-effective process for reduced carbon footprint, end-to-end transparency, remote diagnosis, and workforce resizing.
Smart Parking
Upgrade from legacy street lighting systems to a networked, sensor-powered street lighting that conserves energy, maximizes efficiency, and minimizes operational costs.
Video Analytics
Secure the environment with real-time, smart surveillance by detecting abandoned objects, litter, vandalism, fire breakouts, and suspicious vehicles/humans and prevent mishaps and thefts.
Customer Engagement Analysis
Understand customer preferences and engagement levels by analyzing heat maps and footfalls to place products efficiently and enrich the overall customer experience.
Asset Tracking
Improve your organization’s complex tracking with our intelligent asset tracking system and enable process automation throughout the full lifecycle of the asset.

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