Logistics custom IoT solution to improve fleets efficiency.

Overview fleets efficiency

real-time tracking & monitoring of vehicles, understanding driving habits of workforce, tracking vehicle idling & fuel usage trends, and predicting vehicle failures.


Our solution

Comparative analysis of EV battery, Fleet usage based on geography, other conditions.
Multi-tenant SaaS solution for Matel Customers, Service Teams, Automated data ingestion from Telemetry devices via Azure IoT.
Holistic view of EV battery conservation & planning for future.
Dashboards: dashboards and reports that provide real-time insights into equipment health and performance. Cloud-based architecture - A cloud-based architecture provides the flexibility to scale up or down as required.
Remote monitoring: Realtime view of their Fleet tracking and pattern.
Advanced analytics: The ability to apply advanced analytics techniques, such as machine learning, Integration of advanced analytics & statistical correlation models.

Results fleets efficiency

Maximum ROI from the IoT-enabled fleet management solutions, fleet operators need to ensured,
. Equip their vehicles with wireless technologies and sensors
. Development of IoT solutions to ensure standards compatibility and scalability
. Implement and use the right protocols and interoperability solutions

Build connected applications for your business

IoT Consulting
Strategy roadmap and consulting for transforming business models, solution architectures (micro-services based) for device management and operations.
Analytics & Insights
We develop analytics for our offered solutions, and generate actionable insights to optimize productivity. .
IoT Application Development
We provide end-to-end solutions by leveraging partner products/platforms and utilizing our domain expertise.
Edge to Cloud Engineering
Sensors, connectivity, connectivity protocols, edge analytics, interoperability. Communication protocols, message brokers, IoT security.
Enable digital twin capabilities
that allow to experiment with different process configurations & scenarios, using assets data simulated in a virtual environment.
IoT Integration & Implementation
We support you with IoT solution implementation to design solution architecture and model data processing environment for IoT data.

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