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Customer is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company providing advanced pipeline management and forecasting systems to large sales forces and channel organizations.

Customer wanted to develop a unique channel product that allows channel driven companies to have an unmatched visibility into the pipeline of third party rep.

Key Challenges

  • Make technical people understand the Product Requirements.
  • To accept, process and store high sensitive data.
  • Assure zero downtime.
  • To comprehend and develop certain high complexity sales pipeline metrics.

Our Solution

  • Technical team acquired the basis business domain knowledge and got familiar with terminologies. It has helped to bridge the gap for communication within Product Owners and Development Team.
  • Considered security and vulnerability aspects starting from conceptual design. Implemented periodic security audits. It gave confidence to customers to use system for confidential data operations.
  • Adhered Quality and Deployment processes to make sure Production system is always up.
  • Engaged Database Programmers instead of Application Programmers for specific needs. It has helped to fulfill the complex reporting requirements in short time with right approach.
  • Studies the usage trends from Transaction logs periodically and re-index the database to keep the performance up.

Result MVC 5.0, Entity Framework 6.0, Web-API, SQL Server 2014, HTML 5.0, CSS 3, Infragistics

  • Able to complete and release the Product as per planned schedule.
  • Actionable metrics and a companion, rolling forecast system.
  • 3000+ happy users across the USA.