Legacy App Modernization Services

Elevate your enterprise through our App Modernization consulting magic.Crafting bespoke Cloud solutions, we cater to a spectrum ofindustries, from Energy and Utilities to Healthcare, Chemicals,and Oil & Gas.

App Modernization Services
App Modernization Services
Our Application Modernization Services help you upgrade your legacy applications to a modern cloud native microservices core, allowing business to innovate at speed and scale
Our application modernization services transform business due to our tested, proven approach to modernization. Without disrupting business as usual, we undertake modernization of your core to ​cloud native​ architectural patterns.Take advantage of modern, open source technologies. Migrate existing platforms to more scalable, customizable, efficient, and cost-effective technology platforms. We help enterprises transform into a smart forever business by partnering with them on their transformation journey.
Application Modernization Services

Cloud Capabilities to Help Clients
Develop or Migrate legacy Apps and Solutions.

App modernization consulting
Analyze your legacy application code and infrastructure and provide detailed gap analysis that can help you to derive max value from App modernization.
Application reengineering
We help with legacy applications to modernization and design for long-running enterprise applications.
Application re-architecting
We change an application’s architecture to make it more scalable, flexible, integration-friendly, and secure. The apps with modern modular architectures are easier to maintain and evolve.
Legacy app migration to cloud
We do consulting and design one of the three ways to the cloud – application re-hosting, application re-platforming or a cloud-native implementation.
Data modernization
We redevlop data management to set up fast, scalable and secure data analytics and apply various data visualization techniques to generate on-demand reports and grab enlightening data insights.
low-code/no-code applications offer a better fit to business requirements and can be swiftly installed at a reduced cost and that automate specific technical and functional capabilities to support or utilize low-code platforms.

Why Choose Infysion for App Modernization Services?

Assess & Prioritize
We assess legacy applications on two critical points – value to business and their technical debt over time.This approach leads to realizing outcomes and therefore ROIs of efforts much faster.
Monoliths to Microservices
Defining the boundaries of a microservices-based approach is often based on assumptions, even if you follow a domain-driven design method.
Begin Small
By starting small, we understand the nuances of the project and quickly pick up learnings. This helps us parallelly start delivering measurable success
Continuous Delivery
Everything as Code, essentially is to manage your infrastructure programmatically at every layer. Our objective is to bring in efficiencies for the entire DevOps lifecycle.
Lower maintenance cost
In our experience, almost all modernization projects pose unique technological, cultural, or operational challenges. due to the reduced IT support team workload and wide cloud optimization opportunities.
Better user experience
Our approach therefore takes into account a systematic roadmap which breaks down monoliths into microservices in parts. This ensures uptime for all functions.

Develop and Deploy Cloud-Native Apps and Solutions

Cloud-Native App Development
build and run applications by leveraging distributed computing as per the cloud delivery model.
Data & Services Migration
move data, applications, or other business elements to a cloud computing environment.
Cloud Application Integration
connect apps to transform and orchestrate the data required for business workflows.
Maintenance and Monitoring
security, issue remediation, and management of cloud.
Cloud Optimization
select & provision right-size resources spent on specific workload or application.
Infrastructure Migration
migrate virtual-only workloads from on-premises to cloud infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions

As legacy apps are rigid, a support team will put in significant time and effort to deliver new features, and some changes will be not even possible. Also Cost is an overriding factor prompting app modernization. The truth is companies can live with legacy apps but the maintenance and evolution cost will be high.

Our Approach is to conduct thorough testing and continuous monitoring of the modernized app modules to make sure they run as expected and don’t disrupt your business processes.

At Infysion, we employ a dedicated, agile approach that emphasizes swift iterations, optimal collaboration, and preciseexecution throughout the product engineering process. We ensure that our solutions align with your unique business goals.

DevOps practices streamline the software development lifecycle by automating manual processes, enabling continuousintegration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), and fostering collaboration between development and operations teams. Thisapproach reduces bottlenecks, accelerates development cycles, and enhances the quality of software releases.

Infysion has a proven track record of delivering successful product engineering projects. Examples include the development ofe-commerce platforms, supply chain management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and mobileapplications across various industries. Our portfolio showcases our expertise and diverse project experience.

Infysion collaborates closely with your in-house teams, working as an extended team to leverage your expertise while bringingour specialized skills and experience to the table. Our collaborative approach ensures that your business goals are aligned, andtogether, we can deliver exceptional results.

Initiating your journey with Infysion's Product Engineering Services is simple. Reach out to us through the contact informationprovided on our website, and our team will be delighted to discuss your requirements, provide insights, and guide you throughthe next steps to a successful collaboration.

Cloud Solutions offer scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, enabling product engineering projects to adapt and growseamlessly. They provide the infrastructure needed for robust and efficient development processes.

Our IoT Consulting services empower businesses to harness the potential of IoT technology, enabling data-driven decision-making, enhanced operational efficiency, and innovative solutions that meet the demands of a connected world.

Application Modernization involves updating or redesigning existing software applications to leverage moderntechnologies, improve performance, and enhance user experiences. It is crucial for businesses to stay competitive, meetevolving customer expectations, and address security and compliance concerns. Infysion's Application Modernizationservices help organizations revitalize legacy applications, making them more efficient, scalable, and capable of meetingcurrent market demands.

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