Smart machine manufacturers do build custom IoT solutions Operational Excellence

our industrial consulting & implementation framework helps machines manufacturers build real-time IoT solutions, using Azure & AWS as a platform. Our IoT consulting team Design and build digital IoT solutions to create virtual assets for remote monitoring, predictive analytics & simulations, enabling you to offer new services on top of the 'smart machines'.

Connect smart machines & devices securely to cloud
Embed networking and connectivity protocols into your new devices. Include your legacy devices and current customers also in your IoT initiative, by connecting them on a network gateway.
Connect industrial equipment securely to cloud
Integrate various chip manufacturer’s sensors into your devices. Leverage their functionality to enable your devices to function in a smart manner by collecting data.

Device lifecycle Management
Remotely perform all of the functions required for all your devices throughout their entire life with enhanced productivity. Provision, manage, track, secure, sustain, upgrade, configure, decommission, etc. your devices easily and improve customer satisfaction.
Condition-based Monitoring
Monitor and manage multi-vendor, multi-type device deployments. Use accurate machine data to implement predictive and preventive services that improve asset utilization and usable life.

Extend cloud intelligence to edge devices
While network enabling your new devices, build more intelligence into them so that they can perform autonomous functions without connecting to the Cloud, and also enable several monitoring and management applications.
Manage sensors and smart devices securely
Effectively secure data collected by your devices. Build secure identification, authentication, and encryption, for protecting the integrity and confidentiality of data for your IoT applications.

Remotely update firmware
Connect to your devices remotely over the Internet to upgrade their software or firmware with newer features in a safe, secure manner. Instantly provide patches for critical defects.
Zero-touch provision devices
Design templates describing the attributes, certificates and policies for each of your device classes. Use the templates to remotely provision your devices.

Build custom Azure IoT solutions

IoT solutions enable the companies to create connected environment, to capture & analyze data generated by sensors on such physical objects. This data has the potential to unlock hidden insights, which can help you make informed decisions quickly. Work with IoT application development team to build custom solutions enabling you to -

IoT Consulting
Strategize your way to an IoT driven enterprise with Mobisoft’s IoT consulting services. We facilitate evaluation of your organizational IoT readiness, roadmap creation, use case definition, solution blueprinting and the go-to-market strategy.
IoT App Development
We offer novel IoT application development services with tight integration of hardware and software technologies for superior performance. Our custom IoT apps harness the power of connected devices and empower enterprises with next-gen IoT products.
IoT Platform Integration
Integrate the new IoT solution with your existing infrastructure to maximize the value of your existing investments and make seamless transition to cloud, accelerate your Cloud First strategy is with our consultants.
Data Analytics
Unleash the full potential of real-time data collected from your connected devices with applied analytics and machine learning. By leveraging powerful analytics engines, we can deploy near real-time analytical intelligence closer to IoT devices.

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