IoT consulting services for smart machine manufacturers

Designing & building customized IIoT solutions for smart devices and machines. Develop custom IoT applications for smart instruments and machines using Azure & AWS, across Energy, Utilities, Healthcare, Chemicals, and Oil & Gas

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IoT consulting services
Redefining Transformation through Technology, Creativity, and Data such as product engineering, Cloud Development, IoT Consulting, Strategy and Digital Services, etc.
Cloud is the foundation of most digital strategies and a huge enabler of increased innovation, speed and flexibility. We bridge the gap between a business problems and tangible results. Infysion Cloud Strategy services deliver significant business advantages. We can build customer-focused solutions by leveraging the scalability, efficiency and security of the cloud for you.

Enabling Cloud intelligence
using Industrial IoT Services and Solutions

iot consulting services
We identify potential use cases and incorporate the value of the IoT ecosystem into your business processes based on the thorough assessment of your operations and unique environment.
IoT Strategy Development
Our team of IoT consultants will provide you with a feasible strategic roadmap to guide you throughout the implementation process of IoT solutions that address your business challenges and meet your goals.
IoT Prototyping and PoC Design
we help you validate the feasibility of your IoT project idea by designing PoC and prototyping your IoT solution to ensure it aligns with your business vision and demonstrates the expected benefits.
Custom IoT Development
Our IoT consultants will assist you with the development of an integral part of the IoT ecosystem — scalable and efficient web and mobile applications to interact with your IoT devices and process valuable data.
Advanced Analytics Adoption
By leveraging AI and ML technologies, we’ll help you empower your business operations with advanced analytics to unlock new opportunities and gain tangible insights from the data collected by IoT devices.
Industrial IoT
We prepare a comprehensive description of your future IoT ecosystem and help choose the right technology stack to support the development of IoT architecture and cloud-based infrastructure.

Industrial IoT Technology Solution and Services

Industrial IoT

Intelligent Digital automation of Industrial Processes helps in optimizing cost and increasing efficiency.

  • IoT Sensor data collection
  • Cloud data analytics
  • Actual vs ideal cycle statistics
  • Anomaly detection
Machine Monitoring

Machine monitoring application is an end to end IoT solution which addresses the challenge of monitoring and managing Machine in remote locations.

  • Edge analytics
  • Remote monitoring
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Expected vs actual productivity
Smart Office
Smart Office is an IoT enabled solution developed using Azure IoT to track assets in offices at different locations globally and monitor the office environment remotely. In this specific implementation, the below parameters can be monitored across offices globally.
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Indoor air quality
  • Occupancy monitoring sensors
Asset Monitoring
Benefits of IoT-enabled remote monitoring solution:
  • Improved asset efficiency.
  • Intelligent Asset at your disposal.
  • Monitoring Assets from anywhere, at any time.
  • Predicting equipment failure in advance.
  • Offline monitoring for critical scenarios.
Solar Farm Monitoring
Solar Farm Monitoring Dashboard is a complete solution for monitoring and maintenance of Solar Farms located in different geographical regions.
  • Edge Data Collection.
  • Remote Monitoring.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Actual Vs Ideal Productivity.
Condition & Vibration Monitoring
Motor vibration analytics is a process of analyzing the vibrations produced by a motor to detect and diagnose any issues or faults in the motor's performance.
  • Edge Data Collection.
  • Fault Detection.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Remote monitoring.

smart machine manufacturers build custom IoT solutions

IoT Strategy
Strategy roadmap and consulting for transforming business models, solution architectures (micro-services based) for device management and operations.
Analytics & Insights
We develop analytics for our offered solutions, and generate actionable insights to optimize productivity. .
IoT Application Development
We provide end-to-end solutions by leveraging partner products/platforms and utilizing our domain expertise.
Edge to Cloud Engineering
Sensors, connectivity, connectivity protocols, edge analytics, interoperability. Communication protocols, message brokers, IoT security.
Enable digital twin capabilities
that allow to experiment with different process configurations & scenarios, using assets data simulated in a virtual environment.
IoT Integration & Implementation
We support you with IoT solution implementation to design solution architecture and model data processing environment for IoT data.
How we works
Ease your cloud Development through
effective collaboration and real-time business results.
Approach Our
01. Assessment
Assess what is your current as-is state of cloud adoption. Understand business scenario & your readiness to build Cloud solutions
02. Concepts and R&D Initatives
Gap Analysis to form business cases, Solution designing & creating roadmap to build the solution while realizing the short and long-term objectives.
03. Develop and Test
Assess your product’s potential performance with MVPs that help you get valuable feedback and pave the way to improved products.
04. Execute & Accelerate
Providing support to completely adopt the solution including onboarding of new devices and address any maintenance issues.

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