Operational Excellence of Fleet Efficiency

Real-time monitoring of vehicles, driver behavior, load, and traffic streamlines logistics while boosting asset utilization. Our preventive asset management solutions predict component failure and broadcast timely alerts as well as insights into maintenance issues. It enables fleet operators to prioritize Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) activities.

Leveraging Predictive maintenance
Our cognitive system assesses the condition of vehicles and triggers an alert about engine and transmission failure, battery life, brakes, axles, and steering issues in advance. Machine learning harnesses vehicle data to enhance the accuracy of predicting malfunction of parts or components.
Automatic scheduling of inspection
Our system incorporates an algorithm to schedule maintenance based on 5,000+ parameters of the vehicle in seconds. A dashboard displays average garage utilization and vehicle downtime during the maintenance period. Our solution improves availability of the vehicle fleet by 10%, increases vehicle life by 15%, and reduces the total cost of operations by 20%.

Better Maintenance and Effective Repairs
Sometimes, it takes a while for the driver to notice if anything is wrong with the vehicle or does it need any repairs. And by the time they figure it out, a lot of damage is done already, resulting in huge expenses. An AI-based system anticipates engine issues and informs about them to the driver before they notice it. When these issues are addressed on time, it leads to optimizing the overall maintenance cause, resulting in savings.
Better Utility of Equipment & Logistics
AI makes use of predictive algorithms that can proactively detect operational challenges with cargo, passengers, equipment, etc. and offers suggestions for operators so that they can take care of the damage, unplanned downtime or incidents. When it comes to coping with unplanned incidents, AI suggests drivers with alternative roots in real-time. Apart from that, video-based safety monitoring systems make use of AI and IoT to prevent drivers from taking wrong decisions and creating safety on roads.

Increased Fleet efficiency
Built an intelligent and efficient planning module to perform daily planning of routes and stoppages in an optimized manner Integration of driver and parent app for smoother operations and communications Provision for drivers to change plan and merge runs through the driver application Automating driver payroll processing based on journey data collected from buses en route and driver sign-in/sign-out Integration with big data and analytics to discover areas which needed optimization.
Enabling Integrated Operations
As mentioned above, it is difficult for most of the fleet owners to eliminate the silos and have a single platform to access the data for different fleet operations, right from planning and monitoring to service and maintenance. With the help of an AI-based system, one can enhance the efficiency of the system by offering information that leads one to make better and faster decisions in real-time. Apart from that, it offers insights into other operations and brings more clarity on optimization and planning.

A Smart and Efficient Workforce
The demand for automotive technicians is growing in the European market. To curb this, AI can step in and capture the insights from long-time workers (mechanics and technicians) so that they can bring new technologies to the table and motivate the new generation of automotive experts to work efficiently.
Embrace the Power of AI
Modern fleet experts want to capture more and more data and analyze events and routes so that that they can strike a perfect correlation with operational efficiency and safety. In the future, it would be common to see a single device running analytics on multiple applications in real-time.
The Solution:

Multi-phased implementation
of the IoT Platform

You should monitor fleet and freight on the move to streamline loading, unloading and delivery. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions capture vehicle diagnostic parameters to mitigate risks by undertaking trends analysis of asset usage, wear-and-tear and fuel consumption.

You require simple and efficient logging solutions to gauge performance of drivers as well as vehicles. What-if analyses optimize the network structure, fleet composition, routes, deployment on routes / segments, and staff strength.

You need to capitalize on telemetry data to provide personalized driving assistance and on-demand services. Algorithms convert data from connected vehicles into predictive insights to provide a superior driving experience, timely maintenance services, and enriched functionality.

fleet dashboard

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