Industrial equipment OEM

Business Goal

In this competitive markets, industrial OEMs, are challenged to provide high-quality field support services for geographically-dispersed end-customers.

Budget goals demanded that field support services be profitable for the equipment OEM, while maintaining a balance between quality of service and number of technicians. Repeat field visits impacted cost, device availability and response time.

To achieve high customer satisfaction while yet managing costs, Thinxtream, an end-to-end IoT solutions partner, developed an IoT solution for our customer that monitored and managed the health of a user's equipment, enabled remote field support services, remote updates, preventive maintenance, and in the case of a field support visit, a high first-time fix rate.


  • Multiple equipment models.
  • Support for limited internet connectivity scenarios.
  • Streams of device data and logs in multiple formats.
  • Secure data storage and transfer.
  • Diagnostics information availability in quick time.

Our IoT Solution

  • IoT Platform: Azure® IoT Hub and device twins
  • Cloud Services: Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Service Bus, Azure App Service Web Apps and Web Jobs, Azure AD
  • Cloud Data Services: Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Storage services
  • UI: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Polymer, jQuery®, HighCharts®
  • Programming: C#, ASP.Net Core, ASP.Net Razor

Industrial IoT, Remote monitoring, Equipment Efficiency

  • Remote monitoring and management.
  • Remote diagnosis and issue resolution.
  • Analytical queries to identify potential malfunctions before they occur.
  • Integration with existing product interfaces.
  • Authentication and authorization with azure active directory.


  • The OEM company leveraged our end-to-end IoT services to develop a custom IoT solution for field support and experienced a significant improvement in the ability to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot device malfunctions.
  • The rich and user-friendly dashboard of our field support solution enabled effective monitoring of overall device status, usage and alerts.
  • Leveraging Azure IoT Hub Reference Architectures, IaC and DevOps practices resulted in fast turn around and a stable and repeatable development and deployment process.