Industrial equipment OEM

Business Goal

The objective of Cloud System is to achieve the following points:
  • To ensure optimum Bi-directional Communication of the device with Cloud.
  • Accept and validate incoming messages from the device.
  • Translate the device data into appropriate data storage tables.
  • Present real-time device data on the Web Application.
  • Simple Statistics showing: device Status, Total Reading/Day, Alerts/Day etc.

Our Approach

The PoC should be able to demonstrate Connectivity of device with Azure IoT Hub (acting as the Communication server). This communication will be designed as Bi-directional, using MQTT protocol. The regular communication will happen at every 15-min schedule from the device, consisting of Regular Daily logging readings and device status. Ad-Hoc messages will be alerts generated by device or commands initiated by user from the Portal.

Once the data is received at IoT Hub, the background service will run to validate and parse the data and store into appropriate NoSQL storage tables. The device registration will be handled through IoT Hub.

The NoSQL table storage will be used to store the parsed data information.
Some scenarios are as below:
  • Account wise Device Information.
  • Commands Per device or per Accounts.
  • Daily Logging information for device.
  • Historical data will be maintained for future reference or analytics.

IoT based smart home automation

  • Each device generates a data every 15 minutes / Day.
  • Packet size is to be evaluated to identify the right storage capacity.
  • Upto 10 device devices will be used.
  • IoT Hub will be used to support 8000 messages /day (as per free IoT Hub instance).
  • This real-time data ingestion from Devices will use MQTT protocols.
  • Communications methodology and payload document to be made available for POC.
  • Bi-directional communication Function to be made available for POC.
  • No Mobile application is in scope of PoC
  • Any detailed performance benchmarking to be done in next phase.


  • Connect the device with IoT Hub using MQTT protocol, upto 10 devices.
  • Collect all Messages from device – Regular Daily reading, Status, Alert.
  • Data Ingestion in IoT Hub should be processed using Cloud Service.
  • Validate and translate the incoming data from device.
  • Storing transformed data in the right database.
  • Present the output data as view only on Web Application.
  • Bi-directional communication Function to be made available for POC.
  • Simple Web application will show 2 pages – Simple dashboard, real-time reading for device.