Empowering Efficiency and Growth with Cloud-Based Asset Management Solutions

our Cloud-Based Asset Management Solutions for Industrial Automation. Discover how our innovative cloud platform revolutionizes asset performance, enabling real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and streamlined workflows. Boost operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and drive growth with our comprehensive suite of cloud solutions tailored for the unique needs of the industrial automation sector.

Remote Asset Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
Cloud-based asset management solutions enable real-time monitoring of industrial assets, collecting data on performance, condition, and maintenance needs. By leveraging predictive analytics, businesses can proactively identify potential equipment failures, schedule maintenance activities, and minimize costly downtime.
Asset Tracking and Traceability
Cloud-based asset tracking systems utilize IoT sensors and cloud connectivity to provide real-time visibility and traceability of assets throughout the production process. This enhances inventory management, reduces asset loss, and streamlines workflows.

Asset Performance Optimization
Cloud-based platforms facilitate data analysis and performance optimization for industrial assets. By collecting and analyzing data on asset performance, businesses can identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and maximize asset efficiency, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.
Condition-Based Monitoring and Alerts
Cloud solutions enable condition-based monitoring of assets, detecting deviations from normal operating parameters. Real-time alerts and notifications can be sent to maintenance teams, enabling timely interventions to prevent potential failures and extend asset lifespan.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Cloud-based asset lifecycle management solutions streamline the entire lifecycle of industrial assets, from procurement to disposal. This includes tracking maintenance history, managing warranties, optimizing replacement cycles, and ensuring regulatory compliance.
Asset Utilization and Optimization
Cloud-based asset management platforms provide insights into asset utilization, helping businesses identify underutilized or idle assets. This allows for optimized resource allocation, improved operational efficiency, and reduced capital expenditure.

Remote Asset Configuration and Control
Cloud solutions enable remote configuration and control of industrial assets, allowing businesses to make adjustments, troubleshoot issues, and implement changes from a centralized location. This saves time and reduces the need for on-site visits.
Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
Cloud-based asset management platforms can be seamlessly integrated with ERP systems, enabling synchronized data exchange and streamlining asset-related processes such as procurement, maintenance, and financial management.

Build custom Azure IoT solutions

IoT solutions enable the companies to create connected environment, to capture & analyze data generated by sensors on such physical objects. This data has the potential to unlock hidden insights, which can help you make informed decisions quickly. Work with IoT application development team to build custom solutions enabling you to -

IoT Consulting
Strategize your way to an IoT driven enterprise with Mobisoft’s IoT consulting services. We facilitate evaluation of your organizational IoT readiness, roadmap creation, use case definition, solution blueprinting and the go-to-market strategy.
IoT App Development
We offer novel IoT application development services with tight integration of hardware and software technologies for superior performance. Our custom IoT apps harness the power of connected devices and empower enterprises with next-gen IoT products.
IoT Platform Integration
Integrate the new IoT solution with your existing infrastructure to maximize the value of your existing investments and make seamless transition to cloud, accelerate your Cloud First strategy is with our consultants.
Data Analytics
Unleash the full potential of real-time data collected from your connected devices with applied analytics and machine learning. By leveraging powerful analytics engines, we can deploy near real-time analytical intelligence closer to IoT devices.

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