Smart Spaces – Improved with Insights , Efficiency , Experience

Improve your bottom line and reduce costs with smart spaces that enhance worker safety, operations, and customer experience. Quality of life, public safety, sustainable operations and efficient services can all be enhanced through insights and action. Keep your spaces safe and secure, with force multiplier tools and insights that empower proactive action.

Smart buildings
Share and integrate building systems data to increase building value by maintaining equipment proactively, consuming power dynamically and matching occupancy patterns to energy use.
Smart city
Improve citizens’ quality of life and solve critical urban challenges by cutting your energy costs, automating city operations for better public safety and providing a healthy and sustainable environment.

Smart energy & waste management
Energy utilization and conservation are universal concerns. Smart space builders and service providers have well adopted energy conserving methods using smart technologies (Motion sensor technology, remote dashboard control with real-time alerts to detect faulty electrical equipment, etc.), to achieve cost saving goals and positive ROI on IoT investments.
Space management & automation controls
Automated dashboard controls are now available to address the challenges faced by facility managers when it comes to operations and serviceability, that eases their job by helping them analyze performance and improve their reflexes while interacting with buildings.

Smart store
Get remote access to critical data through an integrated platform that connects commercial kitchen equipment to the cloud. A connected kitchen helps streamline equipment performance monitoring, predictive maintenance and management of environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.
Smart airport
Support operations and optimize passenger flows and staff activities across airports by integrating devices, GPS and sensors.

A Smart and Efficient Workforce
The demand for automotive technicians is growing in the European market. To curb this, AI can step in and capture the insights from long-time workers (mechanics and technicians) so that they can bring new technologies to the table and motivate the new generation of automotive experts to work efficiently.
Security & access control
Providing a secured environment to customers brings one of the highest customer value. A less cumbersome system with more convenience, scalability and minimalistic intervention can now be attained with various service providers.
The Solution:

Transform indoor and outdoor Smart spaces using sensors to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and optimize resources .

Our approach of Design Thinking with sustainable technology solutions to drive value realization and achieve following benefits –
  • Optimize layout, staffing, schedules and more based on new insights.
  • Combine physical and digital world data to identify waste and savings.
  • Gain robust insights about the uses of physical spaces, behavior and activity.
  • Rapidly adapt to changes and preferences, while testing responses to changes.
  • Utilize robust analytics and dashboards to enhance health and safety.

smart spaces

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